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2022.1.28 16:30-

濱田 佑 (KEK), "Electroweak-Skyrmion as Asymmetric Dark Matter"

2021.11.19 16:30-

徳田 順正 氏 (神戸大学), " Swampland conditions on scalar potentials from positivity bounds"

2021.10.29 16:30-

端野 克也 氏 (北京大学), "Testability of models with first-order electroweak phase transition "

2021.10.22 16:30-

秋山 真一郎 氏 (筑波大学), "Tensor renormalization group approach to the Hubbard model"

2021.7.16 16:30-

飛岡 幸作 氏 (フロリダ州立大学), "Heavy QCD axion at flavor factories"

2021.6.25 16:30-

山下 了 氏 (東京大学), "世界が協力し自然の基本法則と宇宙創生の謎に迫る国際リニアコライダー計画 International Linear Collider (ILC)"

2021.4.23 16:30-

深谷 英則 氏 (大阪大学), "What is chiral susceptibility probing?"



2021.10.22 齋川 氏 Misalignment vs Topology in Axion-Like Models
(arXiv:2108.06203 [hep-ph])
2021.08.06 橋本 氏 Imprint of the seesaw mechanism on feebly interacting dark matter and the baryon asymmetry
(arXiv:2104.02030 [hep-ph])
2021.08.06 澁谷 氏 Electroweak Phase Transition with an SU(2) Dark Sector
(arXiv:2012.09758 [hep-ph])
2021.07.30 Zamakhsyari 氏 Towards a Quantum Computing Algorithm for Helicity Amplitudes and Parton Showers
(arXiv:2010.00046 [hep-ph])
2021.07.16 楊 氏 Primordial Black Hole Evaporation and Dark Matter Production: II. Interplay with the Freeze-In/Out Mechanism
(arXiv:2107.00016 [hep-ph])
2021.07.16 軍司 氏 Modulus τ linking leptonic CP violation to baryon asymmetry in A4 modular invariant flavor model
(arXiv:2015.14292 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 齋川 氏 Gravitational Waves as a Big Bang Thermometer
(arXiv:2011.04731 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 藤間 氏 Heavy Thermal Relics from Zombie Collisions
(arXiv:2003.04900 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 村岡 氏 Traveling wave solutions for wave equations with two exponential nonlinearities
(arXiv:1708.00542 [hep-ph])
2021.06.18 石渡 氏 Boosting small-scale structure via primordial black holes and implications for sub-GeV dark matter annihilation
(arXiv:2012.03698 [hep-ph])
2021.02.05 青木 氏 Probing Dark Sector CP Violation with Electric Dipole Moments and Colliders
(arXiv:2010.06441 [hep-ph])
2021.02.05 澁谷 氏 Collapsing domain walls in the two-Higgs-doublet model and deep insights from the EDM
(arXiv:2006.06913 [hep-ph])
2021.01.08 藤間 氏 Light particles with baryon and lepton numbers
(arXiv:2009.01256 [hep-ph])
2021.01.08 野澤 氏 Lepton flavor model with modular A 4 symmetry in large volume limit
(arXiv:2009.12120 [hep-ph])