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All seminars are held in room 524 unless otherwise noticed.

2024.7.5 16:30-

C. Idegawa (Ochanomizu U.), "A complex singlet extension of the Standard Model with a singlet fermion dark matter"

2024.3.15 16:30-

R. Sakai (Jij), "フェルミオンとの結合を含む非可換ゲージ理論のテンソルネットワーク表現"

2024.1.26 16:30-

T. Shimomura (U. of Miyazaki), "Search for lepton flavor violating decays at FASER"

2024.1.17 15:00-

S. Hayato (ICRR, U. of Tokyo), "Recent results from Super-Kamiokande and prospect of the next generation experiment Hyper-Kamiokande"

2023.12.15 16:30-

Y. Shimizu (Niigata U.), "W Boson Mass and Grand Unification via Type-II Seesaw Mechanism"

2023.10.27 16:30-

A. Matsumoto (YITP, Kyoto U.), "Three ways of calculating composite-particle spectra of gauge theories in the Hamiltonian formalism"

2023.10.13 16:30-

T. Kuwahara (Shizuoka U.), "Renormalization group and quantum error correction"

2023.9.29 16:30-

M. Vanvlasselaer (Brussels U., IIHE), "First order phase transitions in the early universe and quantizing particles across the wall"

2023.8.25 16:30-

Avelino Vicente (U. de Valencia), "The Scotogenic mechanism: from model to paradigm"

2023.7.28 16:30-

K. Yagyu (Osaka U.), "U(1) breaking as origin of neutrino masses, dark matter and leptogenesis at TeV scale"

2023.7.28 16:30-

A. Tomiya (International Professional U. of technology in Osaka), "Equivariant transformer is all you need"

2023.6.20 16:30-

Shu-Yu Ho (KIAS), "Asymmetric SIMP Dark Matter"

2023.6.2 16:30-

Dibyendu Nanda (KIAS), "Imprints of high-scale non-thermal leptogenesis in cosmic microwave background"

2023.5.18 16:30-

S. Kanemura (Osaka U.), "Electroweak baryogenesis in the aligned two Higgs doublet model"

2023.3.14 16:30-

Nicholas J. Benoit (Hiroshima U.), "Phenomenology of lepton flavor modeling in quantum field theory"

2023.3.13 16:30-

G. Tanaka (Shizuoka U.), "Continuum tensor networks and exact renormalization group for wave functionals"

2023.3.6 14:00-

P. Lamba (Warsaw U.), "Axions in chiral gauge theories"

2023.1.23 16:30-

K. Sakurai (Warsaw U.), "Quantum information and CP measurement in H->tau,tau at future lepton colliders"

2023.1.12 16:30-

Y. Hamada (KEK), "Knot soliton in models with B-L and Peccei-Quinn symmetries"

2022.12.16 16:30-

K. Tanaka (Niigata U.), "シーソー機構におけるニュートリノを伴わない二重ベータ崩壊 (in Japanese)"

2022.11.25 16:30-

T. Takahashi (Saga U.), "Multi-field perspective on the inflationary Universe"

2022.11.21 16:30-

H. Kanno (YITP), "Anomaly and Superconnection"

2022.11.21 15:15-

K. Murakami (YITP), "Lattice QCD studies on baryon resonances from meson-baryon scatterings"

2022.11.9 13:00-

T. Namikawa (Kavli IPMU), "Probing inflationary gravitational waves and fundamental physics with high-precision cosmic microwave background B-modes"

2022.10.21 16:30-

R. Namba (RIKEN iTHEMS), "On the application of Borel-resummed WKB to particle production in cosmology"

2022.10.14 16:30-

M. Niibo (Ochanomizu U.), "Neutrino lines from MeV dark matter annihilation and decay"

2022.7.8 14:45-

Y. Urakawa (KEK), "New scenario of QCD axion clump formation"

2022.1.28 16:30-

Y. Hamada (KEK), "Electroweak-Skyrmion as Asymmetric Dark Matter"

2021.11.19 16:30-

J. Tokuda (Kobe U.), " Swampland conditions on scalar potentials from positivity bounds"

2021.10.29 16:30-

K. Hashino (Peking U.), "Testability of models with first- order electroweak phase transition "

2021.10.22 16:30-

S. Akiyama (Tsukuba U.), "Tensor renormalization group approach to the Hubbard model"

2021.6.25 16:30-

S. Yamashita (U. of Tokyo), "世界が協力し自然の基本法則と宇宙創生の謎に迫る国際リニアコライダー計画 International Linear Collider (ILC)"

2021.4.23 16:30-

H. Fukaya (Osaka U.), "What is chiral susceptibility probing?"

Luncheon seminars

All Luncheon seminars are held every Friday at 12:00- in room 524 unless otherwise noted.

2024.06.26 H. Aizawa Tensor renormalization group approach to four-dimensional complex ϕ^4 theory at finite density
2024.06.19 H. Niu Tensor Network Based Finite-Size Scaling for Two-Dimensional Classical Models
2024.06.12 Y. Takamura Gauge coupling unification and proton decay via 45 Higgs boson in SU(5) GUT
2024.05.08 K. Saikawa Primordial Black Holes from Axion Domain Wall Collapse
2024.04.24 K. Ishiwata Backreaction of axion-SU(2) dynamics during inflation
2024.02.09 K. Wakasa Electron electric dipole moment and electroweak baryogenesis in a complex singlet extension of the Standard Model with degenerate scalars
2024.02.09 T. Hayazaki An advance in the arithmetic of the Lie groups as an alternative to the forms of the Campbell-Baker-Hausdorff-Dynkin theorem
2024.02.02 H. Aizawa Gaining insights on anyon condensation and 1-form symmetry breaking across a topological phase transition in a deformed toric code model
2024.02.02 Y. Muraoka Stability of domain walls with inflationary fluctuations under potential bias, and gravitational wave signatures
2024.01.26 F. Az-zahra Higher-order tensor renormalization group approach to lattice glass model
2024.01.26 K. Saikawa Primordial black hole dark matter from catastrogenesis with unstable pseudo-Goldstone bosons
2023.08.04 K. Wakasa Testing Complex Singlet Scalar Cosmology at the Large Hadron Collider
2023.08.04 K. Saikawa Getting the most on supernova axions
2023.07.28 Y. Muraoka Power spectrum of domain-wall network and its implications for isotropic and anisotropic cosmic birefringence
2023.07.28 H. Aizawa Fixed-point tensor is a four-point function
2023.07.21 T. Hayazaki Entanglement scaling for λϕ^4
2023.07.21 T. Toma Confirmation of the spectral excess in DAMIC at SNOLAB with skipper CCDs
2023.02.10 K. Wakasa Bubble wall velocity during electroweak phase transition in the inert doublet model
2023.02.10 K. Saikawa Probing the Blue Axion with Cosmic Optical Background Anisotropies
2023.02.03 H. Aizawa Scaling dimensions from linearized tensor renormalization group transformations
2023.02.03 T. Toma Proton Capture in Compact Dark Stars and Observable Implications
2023.01.20 F. Az-zahra Bond-weighting method for the Grassmann tensor renormalization group
2023.01.20 Y. Muraoka Stability of domain wall network with initial inflationary fluctuations, and its implications for cosmic \ birefringence
2023.01.06 K. Ishiwata Freeze-in Dark Matter Perturbations are Adiabatic
2022.08.05 Y. Muraoka Collapsing domain walls beyond Z_2
(arXiv:2204.04374 [hep-ph])
2022.08.05 M. Aoki Multi-component Dark Sectors: Symmetries, Asymmetries and Conversions
(arXiv:2207.02874 [hep-ph])
2022.07.22 Y. Gunji Natural mass hierarchy among three heavy Majorana neutrinos for resonant leptogenesis under modular A4 symmetry
(arXiv:2205.08269 [hep-ph])
2022.07.22 H. Shibuya New benchmark scenarios of electroweak baryogenesis in aligned two Higgs double models
(arXiv:2205.08269 [hep-ph])
2022.06.24 K. Ishiwata Spectrum oscillations from features in the potential of single-field inflation
(arXiv:2106.02467 [astro-ph.CO])
2022.06.03 K. Saikawa Broadband solenoidal haloscope for terahertz axion detection
(arXiv:2111.12103 [physics.ins-det])
2022.01.07 T. Toma Annihilogenesis
2021.12.24 T. Miyagi Thermal Relic of Self-Interacting Dark Matter with Retarded Decay of Mediator
2021.12.24 H. Shibuya Baryogenesis from a dark first-order phase transition
2021.12.17 Y. Gunji On the number of e-folds in the Jordan and Einstein frames
2021.12.03 D. Shimoguchi Axion Quality Problem Alleviated by Non-Minimal Coupling to Gravity
2021.11.26 Y. Kinoshita Phase transition encoded in neural network
2021.11.19 K. Ishiwata Potential reconstruction from general power spectrum in single-field inflation
2021.10.22 K. Saikawa Misalignment vs Topology in Axion-Like Models
(arXiv:2108.0\6203 [hep-ph])
2021.08.06 T. Hashimoto Imprint of the seesaw mechanism on feebly interacting dark matter and the baryon asymmetry
(arXiv:2104.02030 [hep-ph])
2021.08.06 H. Shibuya Electroweak Phase Transition with an SU(2) Dark Sector
(arXiv:2012.09758 [hep-ph])
2021.07.30 Lalu Zamakhsyari Towards a Quantum Computing Algorithm for Helicity Amplitudes and Parton Showers
(arXiv:2010.00046 [hep-ph])
2021.07.16 Yho Kinpa Primordial Black Hole Evaporation and Dark Matter Production: II. Interplay with the Freeze-In/Out Mechanism
(arXiv:2107.00016 [hep-ph])
2021.07.16 Y. Gunji Modulus τ linking leptonic CP violation to baryon asymmetry in A4 modular invariant flavor model
(a\ rXiv:2015.14292 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 K. Saikawa Gravitational Waves as a Big Bang Thermometer
(arXiv:2011.04731 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 T. Toma Heavy Thermal Relics from Zombie Collisions
(arXiv:2003.04900 [hep-ph])
2021.07.09 Y. Muraoka Traveling wave solutions for wave equations with two exponential nonlinearities
(arXiv:1708.00542 [hep-ph])
2021.06.18 K. Ishiwata Boosting small-scale structure via primordial black holes and implications for sub-GeV dark matter annihilation
(arXiv:2012.03698 [hep-ph])
2021.02.05 M. Aoki Probing Dark Sector CP Violation with Electric Dipole Moments and Colliders
(arXiv:2010.06441 [hep-ph])
2021.02.05 H. Shibuya Collapsing domain walls in the two-Higgs-doublet model and deep insights from the EDM
(arXiv:2006.06913 [hep-ph])
2021.01.08 T. Toma Light particles with baryon and lepton numbers
(arXiv:2009.01256 [hep-ph])
2021.01.08 S. Nozawa Lepton flavor model with modular A4 symmetry in large volume limit
(arXiv:2009.12120 [hep-ph])