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Our lab is located at Natural Science&Technology Hall 5 at Kakuma Campus, Kanazawa University.

From Kanazawa Station


You can take bus to Kakuma Campus from bus stop 8 in East Gate (Kenrokuen Gate) of Kanazawa Station. Bus #91, 93, 94 and 97, which are bound for Kakuma, Kanazawa University (金沢大学(角間) in Japanese), will take you to Kakuma Campus.

Get off at "Kanazawa Daigaku Shizenken Mae (金沢大学自然研前 in Japanese)", which means in front of Natural Science&Technology Hall, Kanazawa University. (approximately 40 min.)

Link to the time table (in Japanase)


You can also take a taxi from East Gate of Kanazawa Station. Tell a driver "Kanazawa Daigaku Kakuma Campus Shizen Kagaku Kenkyuto 5, please" or just show "金沢大学角間(かくま)キャンパス 自然科学研究棟5号館(旧理学部棟) までお願いします". (about 3,000~4,000 yen)

From Komatsu Airport

Airport Limousine

Take Airport Limousine at Bus stop 1 or 2 (see the map), which is bound for Kanazawa Station, and get off at Kanazawa Staiton. (Be careful that Kanazawa Station is not the final stop for some buses.) (40-50 min) You get to West Gate of the Kanazawa Station, so you have to walk to the East Gate, then follow the instruction above.

Link to Airport Limousine

Link to Komatsu Airport

To Our Lab


Our lab is located at Natural Science&Technology Hall 5.

Note that the building is locked on weekends, holidays, and from 18:30 to 7:30 (next day) on weekdays. To unlock, you need a pass card, which is provided during your stay.

== Directory ==

M. Aoki: 526

S. Takeda: 528

K. Ishiwata: 530

K. Saikawa: 523

R. Nishikawa: 525 (9:30 - 16:15)


Address: Institute of Theoretical Physics, School of Mathematics & Physics

Kanazawa University, Kakuma-machi, Kanazawa, Ishikawa 920-1192 JAPAN

Phone:+81 76-264-5677

Fax:+ 81 76-264-5741



Guest House

Kakuma Guest House is available. If you want to stay here, let us know.

Check-in time is from 15:00 to 21:00. You need your key to unlock the main entrance of the guest house on weekends, holidays, and after 21:00 on weekdays.

No meal service is available. You may go to cafeteria on campus (in Japanese), convienence store (Family Mart) (10 min. by foot), or shopping mall (25 min. by foot).


There is no hotel around the Kakuma Campus. You should stay at a hotel near Kanazawa Station or Korinbo, Kata-machi area (down town). You can refer to Kanazawa Tourist Information Guide to find more.