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Welcome to the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kanazawa University.


2018.9.14–17 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D3) on 9/14 at JPS 2018 Autumun Meeting (Shinshu University)
2018.8.22 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D3) at HPC-Phys (Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
2018.7.22–28 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D3) on 7/26 at Lattice 2018 (Michigan, U.S.)
2018.3.22–25 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D2) on 3/23 at JPS 73rd Annual Meeting (Tokyo University of Science)
2017.12.2 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D2) on 12/2 at annual meeting 2017, Hokuriku Branch of JPS (University of Fukui)
2017.10.31 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D2) on 10/31 at CBSM2 Group D meeting (The University of Tokyo Kashiwa Campus Station Satellite)
2017.9.21–23 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D2) on 9/21 at Discrete Approaches to the Dynamics of Fields and Space-Time (APCTP, Korea)
2017.9.12–15 Usual presentations by H.Kawauchi(D3), H. Goto(D3) and R.Sakai(D2) on 9/14 at 2017 Autumn Meeting of the Physical Society of Japan(Utunomiya U.)
2017.8.21–26 Oral presentation by H.Goto(D3) on 8/22 at 第63回原子核三者若手夏の学校
2017.8.8 Seminar by H.Kawauchi(D3) at Tsukiba U.
2017.8.8 Seminar by H.Goto(D3) at NCTU
2017.8.7 Seminar by H.Goto(D3) at NTU
2017.8.2–15 Poster presentation by H.Goto(D3) at 基研研究会素粒子物理学の進展2017
2017.7.14–25 Notifications of themes of theses by senior students
2017.6.23–25 oral presentations by T.Fujita(D2) on 6/24 and H. Goto(D3) on 6/25 at 第45回北陸信越地区素粒子論グループ合宿
2017.6.18–24 Oral presentations by H. Kawauchi(D3) and R.Sakai(D2) on 6/23 at Lattice 2017(Granada,Spain)
2017.3.13–15 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D1) on 3/14 at Workshop on quantum dynamics and response (Tokyo University)
2017.2.5–18 Oral presentation by R. Sakai (D1) on 2/16 at Entanglement in Strongly Correlated Systems (Benasque, Spain)
2016.12.13 Seminars by J. Yan (KEK) and T. Takahashi (Hiroshima U.)
2016.11.11 Seminar by H. Fukawa (Osaka U.)
2016.10.19 Seminar by T. Ohashi (Tokyo Metropolitan U.)
2016.9.2-4 Kanazawa Summer School 2016